About Us


We are your experienced business and operational team 

working where ever, 


on whatever, 

to get your business back on its feet

Disaster Recovery for your Business

 The BSR team are specialists in disaster recovery and business re-initiation, working through projects that may include one, some or all of the following:

· Compromised work force

· Pandemic 

· Loss of critical facilities and equipment 

· Political and economic instability 

· Financial distress 

Highly Experienced Professionals

 Our teams are multi-dimensional, multi-national, multi-lingual  highly experienced professionals with cross industry experience including projects in manufacturing, drilling/mining and maintenance/repair operations. Our success is embedded in the vast experience of the teams we insert on the ground.

Multi-Functional Solutions

We are a single source for your operational recovery needs. Offering services as a package or individually for operations, finance, IT, organization/ HR, business strategy and supply chain chaos mitigation.

Focused on Results

Our objective is to bring your company back to full efficiency as soon as possible. Provide interim leadership on site if required and oversee the restarting of production despite an ongoing challenging environment.