Our Process



  Speed is the essence of success in crises situations. We will look to deploy a senior project leader on site as soon as possible to form a response plan and identify the resources required to quickly start the recovery process.



   Damage control is paramount in any highly fluid, fast moving situation. Our project management team will identify the critical catalysts exasperating the present crises and move quickly to neutralize them before a situation becomes further compromised. .



Our planning process is designed to be quick, efficient and effective. Our experience in the field in similar situations means we have a catalog of instances to draw on to build the best plan using the most suitable resources to meet the needs of your specific challenge



 With the plan in place the resources required can be deployed. BSR has team members around the globe ready to move into place, as well as the equipment sources required if temporary capabilities are necessary. Our experience in the oil, gas and mining sectors has made us nimble and highly effective in this regard .



  The best preparation is only effective if the actions for success are carefully implemented. The teams at BSR have a track record of projects in varying and trying circumstances that show our ability to adapt and adopt new strategies to finish a project. Our objective is always to have your business back on line as soon as possible whatever the challenges.